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Wedding Marquee Goes Up In Flames

Wedding Marquee Fire October 29, 2018
Wedding Marquee Goes Up In Flames!

The sparks were flying at this wedding over the weekend in Melbourne when the marquee that was housing 350 family, friends and other guests on a private tennis court became alight and burnt down to the ground.

Thankfully, no one was injured and everyone evacuated safely. It’s worth remembering of course that any marquee structure can catch on fire (including ours), but its a very real reminder to ensure that whoever you use for the purchase and/or hire of your event structures, that the correct documentation is in place in order to mitigate any potential litigation matters that may arise, such as Australian fire tested and rated fabrics as well as correct Public Liability Insurances amongst other things.

As seen here, despite their rarity, incidences DO occur and can become extremely dangerous very quickly. We are by no means suggesting that such assurances weren’t in place here and have no idea what initially caused the fire as it clearly could have been dozens of things.

We are however often faced with potential customers who search and seek out structures purely from a cost-benefit perspective, but as per the unfortunate incident above from this past weekend, things can go wrong and if they do, its not the best time to discover that the structure has no engineer certifications, or that the fabric has not been tested and passed Australian fire ratings or that it has been improperly installed or insurances were either not in place, out of date or inadequate to begin with.

Again, we aren’t suggesting for one second that was the case here, but incidences like these are a stark reminder that the cheapest option isn’t always the best one and the very reason that marquee purchase and hire costs can vary widely is because things like WorkCover documents, correct insurances, engineering certifications, fire tested and rated fabrics and trained staff who know what they’re doing, usually come at a price.

And in case you’re wondering, no, this was not one of our structures or events. Phew!
To speak to us about your purchase or hire event requirements and ensure that it’s all taken care of correctly, get in touch with us via one of the hyperlinks above.

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