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Ready When You Are

Husqvarna March 28, 2019
Ready When You Are
blog author Adam La Rosa
Husqvarna Logo

Did you know that the Swedish brand Husqvarna is one of the oldest companies in the entire world? No kidding, their first plant was established in (wait for it), 1689 as a weapons foundry. We could easily just end the blog here with that bit of information, but that would be a huge injustice to them, what they’ve achieved and how they continue to evolve.

Nowadays, Husqvarna is renowned for making all manner of things such as motorcycles, ride-on mowers, quad bikes, chainsaws, hedge-trimmers, demolition tools, compaction equipment and an entire raft of other amazing pieces of equipment and machinery. Their full suite of products is just as impressive as their ability to stay in demand and evolve for over 350 years!

Fast forward from 1689 to 2017. Husqvarna Australia and Wow Structures formed an initial alliance as they wanted to better represent their brand in public, specifically at some of the larger exhibitions and field day events they attend. If anyone is familiar with outdoor exhibitions or agricultural field day type events, then you’d know just how difficult it is to find a certain exhibitor or company that you wanted to see, despite having a map, there are literally hundreds of exhibitors present and worse still, they all look exactly the same (see below).

Agfest Agricultural Exhibition Outdoor Marquees

Given the above image, Husqvarna weren’t content with blending in, especially when these types of events are all about attracting attention, standing out and having a WOW factor. They wanted something that would not only look bespoke, boutique and unique, but something that would initiate or trigger people to want to walk over to them, that’s all our job was. Once people were at their site, then their vast range of products and engaging staff would take over and initiate a conversation in the hope of transforming it into a conversion.

The first time, we were testing the waters regarding appropriate size and branding, so Husqvarna hired from us (through our sister company Wow Marquees Hire) using one of our plain white structures with temporary branding we organised on a couple of sides. It looked amazing and the compliments received and prior to the setup of their stand were positive and fantastic.

Husqvarna Branding
Henty Field Days 2017

This show turned out to be a huge success for them, both exhibition gusts and Husqvarna alike couldn’t compliment it enough, saying how fantastic it looked and different to what everyone else was doing. This was great feedback. In fact the only negative feedback received was that the size of the structure, being a CROSSOVER L 8×8 was too small and they loved something even bigger.

Husqvarna Henty 2018
Henty Field Days 2018

So along comes the next show and not wanting to disappoint, we provide an even bigger, 6-sided HEXADOME M 100m2 structure, almost 40% larger the the CROSSOVER L 8×8, more openings, taller in stature and more commanding in presence.

Fair to say, this structure hit the spot. It provided all of the space that was required and the positive feedback continued to flood in. From this moment on, Husqvarna Australia were adamant that they now wanted to invest in purchasing a fully custom branded HEXADOME M 100m2 structure. They had well and truly had enough experience with our structures at their events to see the difference that was being made.

Now, here we are, 2019. Their custom branded HEXADOME M 100m2 structure is ready and setup for its inaugural event at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show after having gone through its design and production stage show below:

With the design template and 3D render completed, it was now time to set it up for their inaugural event at the renowned Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show in the beautiful Carlton Gardens.

Here’s a very short video of their site and how they’ve fitted it out:

So this, in a nutshell, is how Wow Structures works with companies to help transform brands spaces into boutique, bespoke and luxurious eye-catching and engaging spaces. Who wouldn’t want to spend their money with Husqvarna is the question?!

Visit the Husqvarna website here, or call us to have a chat about what we can do with your brand.